The Panglossian Rally 2012

Route Card 12 (Lots of Black and Blue)

Route Card 12 (Lots of Black and Blue)
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Plotting Boundaries: (E 377000, N 206340) to (E 389000, N 197000)

There are 35 PCs on route.

TC1 @ SH47 in 8402

U D D O U U * D D U D * D D D O U U U U D U D U O U O U U U U O U O U U O U D D D D D U U

TC2 @ next SH.

There are 35 PCs on the route.

There are two places marked * where there is a white road which cannot be automatically drawn by AutoP(i)lot. Simply mark the beginning and end of the white and draw a straight line between the points with AutoP(i)lot temporairly switched off.

Route Card Commentary
There had to be one very difficult route card to solve, just in case ... and this was it.

Again the title gave you a clue of what was to come. "Black" representing black things across the road, and "Blue" for rivers. The letters used were as follows: U = Under (bridge or ETL) or Up (gradient sign crossing the road); D = Down (gradient sign crossing the road); O = Over (bridge). The map solution will show you where the route goes. There were several potential starting sequences. However, having got through the first 6 instructions (Up, Down, Down, Over, Up, Up), there was a big gap on the map (going eastwards) before the next sequence of instructions just East of Burleigh.