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TNFP: 12/03/2021
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World Rankings

Top 20
(after CoRVid-19 Rally)

1Iain Tullie13
2Ian Oakey19
3Marcus Duyzend26
3David Bell26
5Phil Robbins28
6Monica Dowson36
7Robert Owen45
8Peter Rushforth56
9Rosemary Mead57
10Andrew Green65
11Phil King67
12Tom Campbell69
12Henry Carr69
14Bob Blackstock73
15Lyn Gale74
16Glynn Hayward76
17Francis Tindall78
18Richard Laking79
19Kieron Brown80
20Helen Dove84
21Clive Hodgson86
22Keith Cunningham88
23Geoff Masterman92
23Preston Ayres92
25Alex Hoult103
25Dave Collins103
27Tim Vassie107
28Steve Barber108
29Michael Cochrane116
30Ralph Jackson117
30Robert Cholmondeley117
32Jennifer Holborow121
33Matthew Mantle126
34John Green127
35Alan Jackson130
36David Irwin132
36Mark Lewis132
38Paul Megretton140
39Simon Lytton143
40Neil Worsfold144
41Phil Carpenter145
42Nikki Baker146
43John Murdoch154
44Mary Hall157
45Iain Thorburn159
46Andrew Kellitt160
47George Hendry164
48Mark Tolhurst166
49Elizabeth Wakefield178
50Chris Bean180
51Roger Ashmead183
52Andy Elcomb184
53Gordon Blunkett190
53Jeff Kafka190
55Steve Waggett207
56Thomas Koerner210
56Philippa (Pip) Secker210
58Ernie Waldron213
59Bobby Clinton221
60Paul Vaughan223
61David Leavy225
62Ron Bowden227
63Roger Bricknell232
64Phil Davies235
65Paul Bloxidge253
66Ken Edwards256
67Brian Johnson259

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  Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2021  
Introduction |  Entry Form |  Entry List |  Bulletins
General Regulations |  Rally Procedures |  Login

Entries Now Open

The annual Table-Top Championship will run from March to May 2021. The pessimist/realist in me says that the viral lockdowns won't be over until the summer at the earliest, so squeezing in a cut-down version of the annual Championship might be welcome before everyone diverts their attention to playing catch-up with family, friends and holidays. Think of it as another reason for you to Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS. So I will assign NHS Charities Together as the nominated charity again.

The usual four events, albeit with 8 legs instead of 12, but I have a group of volunteers who have offered to set the legs.
So I'm pleased to announce that Nikki Baker, Monica Dowson, Alex Hoult, Bob Blackstock, Henry Carr, Ian Canavan, Andrew Green, Robert Owen, Phil Robbins, Roger Ashmead and Glynn Hayward will all be contributing to your springtime entertainment on the maps.

The events will run from 1) March 12-28, 2) April 2-18, 3) April 23-May 9, and 4) May 14-30 - a four times cycle of 16 days plotting, 5 days rest. The best 7 scores from 8 will count. The base entry fee will be £21, with the odd £ going into a pot for awards. BUT please pay more if you can. The extra goes to the NHS Charity.

The format of events is up to the volunteers: Plotting or Real-Time, OS maps or other maps, although to satisfy most competitors most of the time, the majority will be Plotting on OS maps.

The event will be class based, where classes have been automatically calculated based upon the past performances.


Keep active. Keep safe.

January 31, 2021

Entries: 90 - Money Raised: £2178.36 - Paid to NHS Charities: £1500

  TTR Charity Earnings  


OFCAWS is a browser-based mapping application that uses maps from various providers: Ordnance Survey, Google, Open Street and others.

The core of the application has been used for 8 years in the Table-Top Rallying website. As a private, standalone mapping tool it has been used for route planning, rallying and geocaching. This public version was released in August 2020 and all subscription fees are being donated to charity.

In July 2020 Ordnance Survey rolled out its new digital map series (OS Data Hub), and OFCAWS is one of first applications to use this technology.

OFCAWS has access to the full set of current UK OS 1:50000 and 1:25000 maps, as well as map layers that zoom into street and building detail. Map sets from other providers are also included such as Google Road, Google Satellite, Open Street and specialist maps for cyclists, railways and history.

Features within OFCAWS include the ability to search for place names, postcodes and points of interest; find locations from map references, latitude/longitude and what3words; add markers to the maps; use Google street view; the import and display of files containing routes and geocaches; saving and printing map extracts; a magnifying window to examine map details (Spy); and a measuring tool (Roamer).

The application will be a valuable tool for anyone that uses UK or World maps on a regular basis.

For geocachers, geocaches can be imported from GPX, GSAK and Pocket Query files. Cache-type markers are placed on the displayed map, which when clicked will display the cache details and logs. Screen and printed reports from the cache list are also available. Linkage with a account allows the extraction of personal notes and corrected coordinates for display, which can added to an updated GPX for download to your GPSr.

A FREE 24-hour trial is available by clicking OFCAWS. Thereafter a subscription for a year is £25 (minimum). BUT, all fees will be donated to charity.

Your subscription will add to the £28,000 that has been donated to Cancer Research, Alzheimer's Society, Multiple Sclerosis Society, MacMillan Cancer Support, Motor Neurone Disease Association, Ramblers Association and NHS Charities Together since 2004.

  CoRvid-19 Rally 2020/2021  
corvid , /ˈkɔːvɪd/, noun, a bird of the crow family ( Corvidae ); a crow.
Introduction |  Entry List  |  Login | Report | Award Winners
General Regulations |  Rally Procedures |  Bulletins
Entries: 78 - Money Raised: £1660.64 - Paid to Ramblers Association: £1660.64

  La Slog Rally 2020  
Introduction |  Entry List |  Login
General Regulations |  Rally Procedures |  Bulletins

Results Legs: 1-100 |  1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75  | 76-100 

Award Winners | Winner's Report | Post La Slog World Rankings

Entries: 141 - Money Raised: £6868.96  Paid to NHS: £6868.96

  Competitor Admin  
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  Winter Championship 2018/2019 Podium  
1st: Marcus Duyzend  |  2nd: Nigel Parish  |  3rd: Steve Barber