Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2021

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The annual Table-Top Championship will run from March to May 2021. The pessimist/realist in me says that the viral lockdowns won't be over until the summer at the earliest, so squeezing in a cut-down version of the annual Championship might be welcome before everyone diverts their attention to playing catch-up with family, friends and holidays. Think of it as another reason for you to Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS. So I will assign NHS Charities Together as the nominated charity again.

The usual four events, albeit with 8 legs instead of 12, but I have a group of volunteers who have offered to set the legs.
So I'm pleased to announce that Nikki Baker, Monica Dowson, Alex Hoult, Bob Blackstock, Henry Carr, Ian Canavan, Andrew Green, Robert Owen, Phil Robbins, Roger Ashmead and Glynn Hayward will all be contributing to your springtime entertainment on the maps.

The events will run from 1) March 12-28, 2) April 2-18, 3) April 23-May 9, and 4) May 14-30 - a four times cycle of 16 days plotting, 5 days rest. The best 7 scores from 8 will count. The base entry fee will be £21, with the odd £ going into a pot for awards. BUT please pay more if you can. The extra goes to the NHS Charity.

The format of events is up to the volunteers: Plotting or Real-Time, OS maps or other maps, although to satisfy most competitors most of the time, the majority will be Plotting on OS maps.

The event will be class based, where classes have been automatically calculated based upon the past performances.

Keep active. Keep safe.

January 31, 2021