Rally Procedures
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The following help topics will guide you in all aspects of designing and competing on Table-Top Rallies. Most of these pop-up topics are accessible within the individual pages but they are consolidated here for easy reference.

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Getting Started
Registering to view restricted content and take part in practice events.
Logging-in procedures for accessing competitor related activities.
The gateway to all competitor related activities such as Profile Updating, Events, Rallies and Forums.
Changing your original registration details and viewing status information.
Communication resources.
The list of available events.
The screen where you access the Legs of an event with an explanation of each of the columns.
Rally Plotting/Real-Time Screen
To the left of the map with various options that can be set during your plotting or real-time session.
... for more or less detail
... that you should be aware of when plotting at different scales.
Creating, deleting, moving and dragging route definition points.
An explanation of the Regulations of an event and how to Enter.
The Mapboard is where you control your session on Plotting Rallies.
The Dashboard is where you control your session on Real-Time Rallies. There is also an explanation of the controls and route features you may encounter on route.
Driving Tests simulate those you might encounter on a real regularity rally.
You are required to follow a marked course in the correct direction without hitting any route-defining obstacles. In this simulation you will need to avoid hitting the red test boundaries, the black internal boundaries and cones.
Rally Design
An overview of the design criteria for Plotting and Real-Time Rallies.
Basic parameters of Start date, End date, Owner and availability.
How to specify the area of the OS 1:50000 landscape to be used.
Controlling the display of various map informations.
Tools for aiding the design process.
Parameters for Map Set(s) to be used on a Leg.
The Rally Types and naming information.
Setting parameters for configuring Real-Time rallies.
Marking Time Controls, Passage Controls, Secret Checks and Codeboards.
Placing images on the plotting map for directions and obstructions.
Setting speed limit ranges.
Setting speed limit points.
Setting Regularity Average Speeds.
Setting Other Markers such as Give Ways, Baulking, DSOs and Incidents.
The information that is displayed for each route marker.
Creating text for Route Cards, Hints or the Commentary.
A description of the tools for loading and saving rallies.