Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2022
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You may register for FREE and practise on sample rallies,
but there is a two-part "Fee" for the 2022 Championship.

You should pay your "Part 1 Entry Fee" (money or goods for resale) direct
to your nominated charity rather than via the organisers. This:
a) reduces the organiser's admin
b) enables you to possibly increase your donation by gift-aiding
c) allows you to choose your own favourite charity.

Choose your charity and donate money or goods to the value of at least £25.
Then complete the registration form below quoting your gross (gift-aided if possible)
donation (in £ sterling) and nominated charity.

Your "Part 2 Admin Fee" is £3. This should be paid by bank transfer to the TTR non-profits bank account.
The £3 will go towards map routing and hosting fees directly incurred by the competition, with any surplus
being used for Championship awards. Your entry acknowledgement email will show the bank account details.

If you have previously registered for TTRs please use your existing UserName.

Please accept my entry for the Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2022.

I have made a donation to my nominated charity as entered below.

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