Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2022

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Bulletin 2 (September 8, 2022)

Contrary to Bulletin 1, all the Legs are now in place and ready to open at 10:00 tomorrow.

If you have any problems with the plotting, in the first instance report your difficulty to the leg setter via the Competitor Portal. If they cannot resolve they will escalate the problem to me. The setters are:
1. Lyn Gale, 2. Monica Dowson, 3. Glynn Hayward, 4. Phil Robbins,
5. "Crow", 6. Andrew Green, 7. Roger Ashmead, 8. "Crow".

I've recomputed the classes so that the Masters, Experts and Novices are evenly spread. The methodology used is explained below the 2022 Championship banner on the home page. If there are a flood of late entries this made need to be adjusted.

The Entry List now has previous award winners tagged. Anyone who won an award in the last two years on the Binary, Jogle, 2021 Championship, Corvid-19 or La Slog rallies are excluded from winning an award on this year's Championship. I hope you'll agree that it would be equitable to present event mementos to different competitors this year.

Enjoy and Good Luck.

September 8, 2022

Bulletin 1 (September 4, 2022)

When the first round opens on Friday morning at 10:00 the start of some legs may be delayed by a few days. Unfortunately some of the setters have been unable to start/complete their route cards and I will need to construct replacements. I'll send a general portal message when they are available.

September 4, 2022