Current World Rankings

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"World" Rankings?, well yes. There are no other equivalent statistics available, so until there is an official organisation to dispute them, why not?

The World Rankings list is based upon the most recent four finishing performances within the last eight National TT postal and Internet events. Ranking points are obtained by adding together the finishing positions, the least the better.

The current table includes results up to the Thalamorph Rally 2022
Special Mention to Glynn Hayward who has appeared in the rankings since they began in March 1998.

1TTR19061Lyn Gale10
2TTR17043Phil Robbins12
3TTR17041Keith Cunningham20
4TTR17159Keith Irvin22
5TTR17102Andrew Green29
6TTR17011Monica Dowson35
7TTR18734Helen Dove42
8TTR17153Jennifer Holborow44
9TTR19092Ian Oakey45
10TTR17022Steve Barber46
11TTR17201Bob Blackstock48
11TTR17076Glynn Hayward48
13TTR17002Geoff Masterman52
13TTR17004Robert Owen52
15TTR19010Rosemary Mead55
16TTR19073Francis Tindall57
17TTR17104Henry Carr61
18TTR17194David Bell62
19TTR17167Phil King69
20TTR19074Nikki Baker70
21TTR18736Phil Carpenter74
21TTR17038Tim Vassie74
23TTR19102John Green75
24TTR17131John Murdoch77
25TTR17148Steve Gaddy80
25TTR19098Mark Tolhurst80
27TTR17039Philippa (Pip) Secker91
28TTR19079Ernie Waldron95
29TTR19029Michael Cochrane98
30TTR17007Peter Rushforth99
31TTR17203Alan Large106
31TTR17206Simon Lytton106
33TTR17205Roger Ashmead111
34TTR17031Clive Hodgson112
35TTR19014George Hendry113
36TTR17242Bobby Clinton117
37TTR17056Phil Davies125
38TTR17107David Leavy128