In Spheight Of All The Danger

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It’s been a while since the last Internet Table-Top Rally; apologies if you’ve missed them, sometimes other matters intrude on my leisure time for ITTRs and fund raising. But maybe you welcomed the break as I did, but it’s time to re-charge your navigation and plotting skills. The “In Spheight Of All The Danger” TT rally will be running in February. This will be a refresher and warm-up for the annual Table-Top Rally Championship later this year.

The “In Spheight Of All The Danger” Internet Table-Top Rally is so named for two reasons. As a Beatles fan, “In Spite Of All The Danger” is a significant recording in the Beatles history; Google it, if you are interested. More appropriately it is a table-top rally using navigation based entirely on sp(ot)heights, which will define routes through or close to Danger Areas on OS maps.

Spot heights will be used as primary via points (to be passed through or avoided) and secondary, where a spot height number or location is used as a means of defining other non-spot height via points. The resulting navigation will be straightforward, but attention to choosing the shortest and correct route between points will be required.

The Hint System will be used whereby a modest penalty will be applied to have the route fully revealed. So it will be easy to answer the twelve Route Cards, all of which will count to decide overall positions.

There will be No Entry Fee. There should enough reserve in the ITTR bank account to cover hosting/routing fees, and a few prizes for the top competitors. BUT as always you are encouraged to show your thanks by making a self-certified donation to your favourite charity. Any amount that you are comfortable with will do, but £10 (or more!) would be great. Your nominated charity will be shown on the Entry List but the amount will be kept private.

For the duration of the event, every entry will be given free access to OFCAWS, my on-line mapping application. You may find it useful generally or specifically for solving some Route Cards.

January 7, 2024