Binary Bash Rally 2022

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Welcome to the Binary Bash Rally 2022. This is a new, filler, warm-up, one-off, themed event for the end of June (June 24 - July 10) before the 2022 Championship starts in September.

The title is a giveaway. This 10-leg plotting event (no real-time legs) is all based upon binary route card navigation. Don't be disuaded by the theme of 0's and 1's. You've probably encountered this counting system occasionally on previous table-tops, but not on a whole event. If binary is new to you, it's really very easy and this link will tell you all you need: Binary System.

Once decoded the navigation will be the straightforward types you might expect on a road rally: map references, spot heights, grid lines, herringbones, map features etc. Nothing difficult, so I expect quite a few clean sheets. But if you want to do well, the quicker you solve the better. Ties will be decided by overall elapsed time for the best 9 of 10 legs. Your strategy will be shut yourself away and work undisturbed on a route card until it is done. Pressure. Get comfortable before you start, no tea breaks, no interlude for Eastenders, don't even take time to top up your glass of red! Of course none of the foregoing is compulsory. If you don't want the time pressure, fine. Just jog along at your own pace and have fun. But remember, once you've started a route card the clock keeps ticking until you submit your route solution.

As always the your "Entry Fee" is by means of a self-certified charitable donation; this time a minimum of £10 to your favourite charity. I'm also asking for a small £1 "Admin Fee" to be transferred to the TTR bank account to offset routing and hosting fees.

The TTR bank balance is quite healthy at the moment with around £250, so your small contribution should deal with any Google & TomTom fees and permit a few Binary Bash awards.

April 30, 2022