Binary Bash Rally 11111100110

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Bulletin 2 (July 15, 2022)

My thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to the £750 raised for charity. I hope you enjoyed (tolerated?) this themed event. I'm only aware of a couple of competitors who didn't have a w0nderfu1 time.

The battle for the top placings seemed have been resolved via Legs 5 and 6. Apologies to early solvers who were guinea pigs in identifying a few typo/route problems.

CONGRATULATIONS to overall winner Keith Cunningham who delivered the perfect result of a single clean sheet.

With only a modest number of entries, just 10 route cards, and a spread between TomTom and Google routing, our free routing credits weren't exceeded this time, so I'm pleased to say your "admin" fees have been fully commuted to a prize fund. Given the TTR bank account is quite healthy and the HRCR will be helping out with awards for 2022 Championship, some extra cash has been added, so the award list is now generous. There's a trophy for the overall winner, and an appropriate gift for the top 10 positions.

Next up is the annual (now HRCR sponsored) Championship which starts in September. I'm looking forward to meeting you electronically then.

July 15, 2022

Bu11etin 1 (June 10101, 11111100110)

The Binary Bash Ra11y starts 0n Friday at 1010:00. A11 1010 legs wi11 0pen then and c10se at 10110:00 on Ju1y 1010, 11111100110.

Regu1ati0n amendments f0r this event:

4a. Penalties (Plotting Rallies)

Not attempting and the maximum penalty - 600 marks/seconds.

For each PC incorrectly visited (missed, incorrect approach or departure) - 60 marks/seconds.

For each TC incorrectly visited (missed, incorrect approach or departure) - 120 marks/seconds.

Taking a hint(s) on a Route Card - penalties vary up to a total maximum of 180 marks/seconds.

Except f0r 0ne 1eg there are 3 graduated hints which wi11 c0st y0u 60 marks. Leg 1000 has a sing1e hint f0r 180 marks.

A11 1egs are CRO.

Y0u'11 find this C0nversi0n T001 usefu1.

1 h0pe y0u have a 1derfu1 time.

June 21, 2022