Rally Round 1987 (Re-visited) Rally

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The first Rally Round board game was born on September 22, 1986. You can see the photographic history here - a young "Crow" assembling the first copy.

In April 1987, the purchasers of the game were invited to take part in a table-top rally based upon the game. There were 129 entries and the event was won by Kevin Watkins. Do you recognise any of the names? There are a few who are still table-top active today.

As a nostalgia trip that original TTR has been re-mastered as an Internet version. There's no admin entry fee (as Google or TomTom routing is not required) and a donation to charity for an entry fee is entirely optional.
The 1987 version was commented as a tough event and it remains that way. But you do have a leisurely all of December and until January 19, 2023 (50 days) to submit your answers.

There are 20 plotting legs based on the Rally Round map board. Navigation is similar to other map rallies in that map features can be used to define a route. The last 5 legs also require a Route Check to be answered based upon the rules of the original game. The necessary rules are summarised in Bulletin 1.

There are three new Practice Rallies: PRACR1, PRACR2, PRACR3 which should be attempted before starting the main competition.

October 11, 2022