Competitor Profiles
So, who are these guys and gals that spend a considerable amount of their time pouring over maps?
Gavin Rogers

Gavin Rogers - Winner of the 2004/5 and 2006 Masters Championship. 3rd in the 2008 Masters.

Mitch Fielding Mitch Fielding - 2nd in the 2004/5 Masters Championship and former World No.1
Steve Barber Steve Barber - 3rd in the 2004/5 Masters, 2nd in the 2008 Masters. Winner - Crimbo Relief Rally 2008. 3rd in the 2018/2019 Championship.
Keith Cunningham Keith Cunningham - Joint winner of the 2004/5 Experts Championship
Dee Rampling Lee Dee Rampling Lee - Joint winner of the 2004/5 Experts Championship
Nigel Parish - Winner of the 2008 Experts Championship. 2nd in the 2018/2019 Championship.
Gillian Goodlass - Regular and consistently top performer on TTR events.
Marcus Duyzend - Winner of the Winter Championship 2018/2019.
Dave Collins - World Number 1 at the beginning of 2020
Ian Tullie - Winner of the 2008 Masters Championship
Bart den Hartog - Dutch Historic Rally Champion Navigator 2008
Christopher Bean - Winner of the 2008 Novices Championship
Keith Irvin - Regular and successful US competitor
Robert Owen - World Number 1 mid-2020