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Robert Owen
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I was born into a petrolhead family in 1956 and grew up in rural Sussex. The usual school route led to an apprenticeship with the Blue Oval and further education (HNC in Mechanical Engineering) at the (then) North East London Polytechnic.
Left the UK in '78 and spent the next 6 years freelancing within the German car industry before taking up a job offer from Porsche. This led to a 34 year career in their design studio in Weissach!

Nostalgic automotive links to 'home' were upheld with the purchase in '85 of a 1960 AJS which I fully restored and, 10 years later, an MGB GT. I entered an event in late '95, assumed to be a kind of treasure hunt, which turned out to be a regularity rally. What is the paperwork other competitors are perusing and the various instruments on their dashboards? Talk about naive! The hours before our start time were spent calculating at which time we should be at the various commands (tulips). Our way of attempting to maintain the required average speed. Quickly 'upgraded' with average speed tables and a Twinmaster and competed successfully for the next few years on a regional level.
Discovered table-topping at this time and have taken part since the Nelly (or Cultivator, too long ago to remember!) in '99/00. I just love maps and the challenges offered.

The 'B' is undergoing a (very) long term restoration (only off the road for 17 years and counting) with significant upgrades so, having taken early retirement, I theoretically have time to complete the project. DIY house maintenance and improvements, golf and tennis ensure a busy timetable.

Special thanks to Crow and all route setters for their efforts.

April 19, 2020