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Keith Irvin
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I (Keith) live in the United States, and I am a university student studying Mathematics.

I have loved maps for as long as I remember and have quite a collection, adding a few every time I go somewhere new.

I have competed in outdoor Orienteering events for a number of years, not to win because I don't enjoy running, but to have fun finding the controls.

A few years ago I read Ken Jennings' book Maphead in which he competed in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, which is an American version of tabletop rallying done with paper maps and clues. I decided that year to try out the Massacre and I had a lot of fun. When they sent out the results sheet, they advertised the 2012 Internet Table-Top Rallying Championship and I decided to try it out. I had quite a bit of fun solving all of the puzzles. One of my favorite moments from that event was unexpectedly completing Route Card 4 on the Thalamorph Rally in 0 seconds when I happened to complete it from the US in under an hour during the UK time change.

I love solving puzzles and friendly competition, so the Table-Top Rally is a perfect match. When I got the e-mail about the new 2017-2018 series I was very excited about competing again and I encouraged my mother Frances to compete independentlyl, as she enjoys puzzles as well. She is Canadian, and her parents are both British, so we do have a UK connection.

We would like to thank Crow for all his efforts to provide such a fun event!