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Nigel Parish
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Married with 3 children aged 18, 15 and 12 and living in Farnham, Surrey. Working in software developing systems primarily for the petrol retail industry. Main interests are photography, mountain biking, skiing and crosswords. Main activities however are DIY, gardening and running "Dad's Taxi Service" for the children.

My first rallying experience was at University in Southampton in the late 70's. We had an active Motor Club with regular outings to compete for the "Plotter's Cup". These generally involved some serious plotting challenges, then a manic dash through the countryside counting stone mushrooms etc., before (of course) ending at the pub. We also ran some 12-car rallies that were a bit more serious, though (certainly by today's standards) perhaps a little irresponsible. My first car was a mini (wasn't everyone's?), though the poor thing never really recovered from an off-road session into a hedge one evening.

Then off to the real world and (ugh) work as a Software Engineer. I joined the West Essex Motor Club and competed in a few events as a navigator. The highlight was the 1980 Tour of Mull Rally where we finished second - second from last that is. But it was an amazing experience with pace notes and some very exposed cliff roads.

At that time I also started getting into table top rallies as well, hooked in by the International Terrorist Guy Fawkes in his Gunpowder Plot.

Then I moved on, changed job, got married and generally left rallies of both kinds behind me. I took up golf and windsurfing.

Wind the clock forward 25 years, and now the internet provides an opportunity to return to my earlier interests with a championship combining map-reading skills, puzzle solving and technology. I have really enjoyed the 2008 championship. It has included many innovative extensions to the normal route card repertoire. What better use could a computer be put to? And at what else will I ever have a chance of competing to be number 1 in the world?

Roll on 2009.