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Dave Collins 2020
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Dave became World No.1 at the beginning of 2020

My first active interest in rallying started through participation in 12-cars and local and regional road rallies in the mid 1980's whilst a member of Devizes and District Motor Club. Through this I developed an interest in maps and navigation which developed further as road rallying moved into the more navigational type events through the second half of the 1980's. During this period I was also competing in stage rallies at home and abroad and it was always interesting to compare the standard of maps available, with OS maps normally being superior to those from other countries.

I cannot remember how I first got to hear about the National Table Top Championship in those pre-internet days but very much enjoyed the early events that I competed in. More for fun than to be competitive. I was however very surprised to win my first TT event the Langer Park in 1991/92. What was surprising was this was the event I put the least effort into trying to solve as I was very busy at work during this period and had little time to put in to the event. Perhaps that helped with not overthinking to much! Events in those days were much more like a rally where the route was marked in pencil on a single OS map, and there was a great sense of anticipation when the results and map were received back in the post. Not like today's events where you immediately know how you have done and are comparing with other competitors. Marking these routes must have been a major job for the organisers.

I took a break from Table Tops, except for one year of participation in 98/99 before being enticed back to try the early on-line events. I very much enjoy this format having learnt the best way to ensure accurate plotting and checking. All of the hard work in the development has certainly been worth it and is much appreciated.

I very much enjoy the problem solving involved with route cards although I am not a great fan of very cryptic ones. The main danger I find is trying to over think the possible coding of a route card. It always seems that when the solution is revealed that it is blindingly obvious and I end up kicking myself for not solving. Although I must learn to check my routes more to stop making silly mistakes.

I have also tackled the real time events and consider them a great sense of enjoyment. On one of the first I was scratching round for the correct route and trying a few road options whilst conscious of the clock/OTL. I felt just like I did when lost off route in the middle of the night trying to work out how to get to a control and how much route to cut. I have never actually done a regularity rally or used speed tables so that has been another interesting learning experience for me.

I have not competed in road/stage rallies since the mid 1990's and my main interest now is in historic motorsport. I am currently the membership secretary for the GT40 Enthusiasts Club and enjoy taking my Ford Mk 11 replica to various events and track days throughout the country.

I would like to pass my thanks to all organisers and route setters for some amazing events, and most especially to Crow for his work on the on-line event development and keeping the championship going for our enjoyment.

Dave Collins
January 14, 2020