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This is a new event with 19 legs which will start immediately after the Christmas "lockdown break" on December 28, 2020. You will have until January 16, 2021 (19 days) to submit your solution routes.

I've not had time to put together a full-blown winter Championship, but I hope this will provide an interim challenge. The format will be slightly different.

On each leg you will first need to solve a mapping, navigation, rallying-type puzzle. The correct solution from the puzzle will provide an "unlock code" which will give you access to the route card and the plotting screen. The route cards will be VERY straightforward (mainly vias and avoids) since your hard work will have been done solving the puzzle. A few will be based upon non-OS maps.

I will be using the Hint system for the puzzle. The first hint will nudge you to the solution method; the second hint will give a detailed walk through; the third will be the solution unlock code.

The entry fee will be £15 (£16 via PayPal) and as always your fees will be donated to charity. A different charity this time - the Ramblers Association (Charity England & Wales No: 1093577 Scotland No: SC039799) - who campaign to preserve our countryside for healthy pursuits, which many of us will have benefited from during lockdowns.

If you pay double the entry fee, you will receive a year's (discounted) subscription to OFCAWS.

Further details will be published in CoRvid-19 Bulletins.

December 4, 2020