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Bulletin 5 (February 3, 2021)

Read this in conjunction with the Introduction and other Bulletins.

Final Donation to Ramblers Association

Bulletin 4 (January 10, 2021)

Read this in conjunction with the Introduction and other Bulletins.

From feedback most of you have liked the novel "puzzle solve/straightforward plot" style of this event. Thank you for participating and your positive comments.

2021 Championship
I'm thinking of running the annual Table-Top Championship from March to May 2021. The pessimist/realist in me says that the viral lockdowns won't be over until the summer at the earliest, so squeezing in a cut-down version of the annual Championship might be welcome before everyone diverts their attention to playing catch-up with family, friends and holidays. Think of it as another reason for you to Stay at Home, Saves Lives, Protect the NHS. So I will assign NHS Charities Together as the nominated charity again.

The usual four events, albeit with 8 legs instead of 12, but ideally I'd like this to be a predominantly "Crowless" series i.e. I'll do one leg per event, but volunteers will craft the remaining 28. Some of you have generously devoted time and effort in the past to help me out and to give yourself a navigational creative outlet. So, I'm looking for between 7 (1 leg per event) and 28 (1 leg in total) volunteers. The fewer the better to cover all the legs and minimise admin and communication.

If you fancy a go (particularly if you've done it before) I'd like to hear from you in the next week so that I can start making arrangements.

Tentatively rhe events will run from 1) March 12-28, 2) April 2-18, 3) April 23-May 9, and 4) May 14-30 - a four times cycle of 16 days plotting, 5 days rest. The best 7 scores from 8 will count, meaning that volunteers will sacrifice dropping their worst score. The entry fee will be something like £21, with the odd £ going into a pot for awards.

The format of events is up to the volunteers: Plotting or Real-Time, OS maps or Other maps, although to satisfy most competitors most of the time, the majority should be Plotting on OS maps. Throw in a preliminary puzzle with an unlock code if that works for you.

If you can help, I'll have things in place for you to design your Route Card during February for first roll-out in mid March. Let me know the how many legs you think you can manage, and any format suggestions which might make the series more attractive.

CoRvid-19 Fundraising
We've topped £1,600. THANK YOU.

January 10, 2021 @ 09:00

Bulletin 3 (December 28, 2020)

Read this in conjunction with the Introduction and other Bulletins.

CoRVid-19 Forums have been added for discussion and feedback.

I forgot to say that I am using La Slog 2020 plotting rules i.e.
Your objective will be to find the shortest 
overall route from TC1 to TC2 using the via points. Ignore the controversial Regulation 6, find the shortest route possible between the TCs.

Ties on points will be decided by furthest cleanest and then least elapsed time on the route cards. The clock starts ticking as soon as you "Enter Rally" i.e. your puzzle solving time is also taken into consideration.

December 28, 2020 @ 16:00

Bulletin 2 (December 24, 2020)

Read this in conjunction with the Introduction and other Bulletins.

Three milestones achieved: 1) over 50 CoRvid-19 entries, 2) over £1,000 raised for charity, and 3) the all time earnings for charity is now over £28,000. THANK YOU for your support.

One topic I haven't mentioned so far - for the CoRvid-19 results you will drop your worst two scores, so 17/19 will count towards your overall position.

December 24, 2020 @ 19:30


Bulletin 1 (December 19, 2020)

Read this in conjunction with the Introduction and other Bulletins.

Welcome to CoRvid-19.

There are 19 Legs (Puzzles and Route Cards) for you to tackle after the Christmas "lockdown break". All Legs will be available from 09:00 on December 28. I've extended the closing date to 22:00 on January 25, so you will have a full four weeks for posting solutions. The Legs have been uploaded if you want a sneak preview, albeit only the Route Names.

Slightly different from previous events: you will first need to solve a puzzle before you can plot your route card.
Most of the puzzles are map, navigation or rally oriented - some easy, some hard. Solving the puzzle will give you an Unlock Code to enable to plot the Route Card.

To help you the hint system will be used for the puzzles.. Typically Hint 1 will give you a nudge; Hint 2 will tell you exactly how to solve the puzzle; and Hint 3 will give you the Unlock Code. A description of the hints is shown on the Route Cards. Taking Hints 1/2 will attract a 5 minute penalty. Hint 3 will cost you another 10 minutes. Always take the hints if you are stuck; it's cheaper than abandoning the Leg.

Thereafter the Route Cards will be straightforward navigation or the "simple" requirement to visit PCs via the shortest overall route. 16 of the Legs are on Ordnance Survey maps; one is a Google Maps "night" section; and two use Open Street maps: the Kotor Serpentine in Montenegro and some forests near Perth, Australia.

One Route Card requires an e-book, but this is gifted to you as a belated Christmas present.

Many entrants have gone for the OFCAWS/CoRvid bundle, but haven't yet registered for OFCAWS. So that I can keep my charity accounting records reconciled could you register so that I can assign your extra payment to a charity.

34 Entries so far and £600 has already been donated to the Ramblers Assocation.

December 19, 2020 @ 23:00