HRCR Jogle Rally 2021

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Welcome to the HRCR Jogle Rally 2021. After the success of La Slog 2020, I am pleased to roll out another 100 Leg Internet table-top rally, this time starting in John o'Groats and finishing in Land's End.

90 of the legs will take you on a continuous route from the northern to southern tips of the UK.

There will be 10 interludes where you will teleported to faraway places to tackle navigational challenges on foreign maps. Don't worry about red and amber countries or Covid vaccination passports, you will be transported seamlessly through customs and bureaucracy to your start TC. Plot your route, keep to the correct side of the road to the finish TC, and then beam back to the UK.

The various route setters will be presenting you with straightforward navigation throughout: variations on standard themes that you might expect to be pushed through the window on a road rally. Many of the sections will be just pre-defined PCs that you have to visit. This is afterall a marathon rally where even the most adept navigators will make silly mistakes; so no trickery required and no hints will be available or necessary.

There are still some Legs to be defined so if you've competed a few times on Internet TTRs and fancy being a route setter, let me know asap. (See also Setter Guidelines above).

The majority of the Legs will be pure plotting, but there will be a sprinkling of real-time challenges for variety. As each Leg will have a pre-defined start TC and a finish TC, via the navigation you will defining a shortest overall distance route between TCs. Like La Slog the maximum penalty per Leg will be 10 minutes (600 marks).

Newcomers should read the sections: General Regulations and Rally Procedures (links above), and try out the Practice Rallies on the Event List page.

For the purposes of World Rankings, the 100 Legs will be divided into four separate events of 25 sections.

The rally starts on September 1, 2021 with Leg 1, then one Leg per day until December 9, 2021. There will be 10 days of grace at the end so all answers need to be in by December 19, 2021 to avoid interferring with Christmas. Your choice whether you have a daily solving ritual or attempt the Legs in batches.

As always I am trying to raise money for charity from these events. However, I've changed the donation procedure to self-certification. You should pay your "Entry Fee" direct to your nominated charity rather than via me. Your Entry Fee could be a money payment or perhaps the sale value of goods given to a charity shop. This:
a) reduces my admin
b) enables you to possibly increase your donation value by gift-aiding
c) allows you to choose your own favourite charity

If you decide to enter, choose your charity and donate money or goods to the value of at least £25. Then complete the Entry Form (link above) quoting your gross (gift-aided if possible) donation (in £ sterling) and nominated charity.

Thanks for your continued support.

July 6, 2021