The Schoolfrenz Rally 2012

Route Card 8 (RLTB and HV)

Route Card 8 (RLTB and HV)
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Plotting Boundaries: (E 315000, N 203000) to (E 328000, N 194000)
This is a Regularity.
There are 20 PCs on route.

TC1 at SH292 in 1994


This section is Timed to the Second. Place a Timing Point at 21.540 miles

Go via the following in order:

T  R  L  T  R  L  L  R  L  B  L  B  L  T  R  T  L

L  T  R  B  T  T  T  T  B  R  T  B  R  T  T  R  B

Then via the following in order:

H  H  H  V  H  H  H  V  H  H  H  H  V  H  V  V  V

H  H  V  H  H  V  H  V  H  V  V  H  H  V  V  H  V

to TC2 on next H

Route Card Commentary
Right Left Top Bottom and Horizontal Vertical was leaving Grid Squares and crossing Grid Lines. The shortest route for PC3 & PC4 was using the roundabouts to cross GL19 3 times - thanks for the competitors who pointed this out and the Master Route was updated.