The Nearest FarAway Place Rally 2010

Route Card 10 (Picts Pics)

Route Card 10 (Picts Pics)
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Plotting Boundaries: (E 339138, N 668780) to (E 350563, N 660698)

Part 1 (Masters, Experts and Novices)

Start at SH179 in GS4563 then via (in order)                            to Finish at 

Part 2 (Masters Only)

Continue via these 21 mapbites (not in order but a few have a sequence appended)

      10         3         17  

      20      7               15  

to Finish at SH96.

Hint: Get a magnifying glass.

Route Card Commentary

Usually a popular type of route card. Perhaps tougher than normal, but it was still your favourite.

No disputes here with a well defined route on a sparse map.

"Fun. Darn, I blew something. (maybe)" Roger Sanderson
"So fed up! just don't know why I am getting some answers wrong, I'm happy with my routes." Shaun Argent

Route Card Winner: Mike Biss

Route Check Questions & Answers

Alternative answers are shown on separate lines.
Alternative sets of answers are shown with dividers.

NoQuestionAnswer NoQuestionAnswer
1O>W4 6ETL9
2YYY4 7GN3,4,6,6
3ETL3 8T4
4SH4193 9G>W2
5GS-E5068 10Y>W8