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I didn't expect to be writing this so soon after the winter Championship. But needs must, so I am "happy" to give you some navigational exercises over the dark months ahead. Stare at a map instead of your back yard and empty streets.
Lock down, keep your distance and be safe.

So now for something completely different. A little wander from Land's End to John o'Groats via 100 Route Cards! The usual TTR Plotting format but a lot of it. Expect to travel over 2,000 virtual miles over the next few months - no fuel used, no harmful emissions and just a modest amount intellectual endeavour. There was no way I was going to be able to craft 100 challenging navigational puzzles for you, so the plotting will be really straightforward.

Each of the 100 Legs will start and finish at a TC. You'll know where they are because they will be shown on the map. There will be a few (typically three) via points on the way. These will be PCs already marked on the map, or simple instructions like "pass through the following grid squares, spot heights, hamlets etc. on the way", where there will be undisclosed PCs. There will be no hints. Your objective will be to find the shortest overall route from TC to TC using the via points. Ignore the controversial Regulation 6, find the shortest route possible between the TCs.

With each section being 20-30 miles long, the shortest route won't always be obvious. Letting AutoP(i)lot plot the entire route for you won't work. AP (which uses Google Mapping in the background), favours the quickest, quietest, safest routes which are not always the shortest. AP is a useful starting point, but you'll have to tweak its results. I very much doubt my first master route will be the shortest, since the eagle-eyed of you will do better. So expect a fair bit of remarking as the competition proceeds.

To add variety, I may occasionally chuck in a Real-Time leg, but these will be short and easy.

The event will start on April 20. Legs will be available on a daily basis. You will have to plot each Leg in sequence: Leg 2 only after completion of Leg 1; Leg 3 after 1 and 2 etc. Access to all legs will close 20 days after the last Leg have been published.

All Legs count. Dropping 1/2 of your worst scores will hardly make a difference over 100 Legs.

The maximum penalty on each Leg will be capped at 600 marks (10 minutes), rather than the usual 6000/100. So, if you miss the finish TC, or a couple of PCs you will score a maximum.

You will be allowed to attempt each leg as many times as you like but only your first attempt will count towards your score.

There may be volunteer setters for some of the legs. Volunteers may complete their own leg and their answer route will be their original master route. If shorter routes are subsequently found the volunteer's master route will be changed but their original route wil be remarked.

I've had to modify a few things in the software to satisfy this new format of TTRing: allow pre-display of PCs, renumbering of start TCs and not least of which ... allowing a results table with 100 columns!!

There are no Classes on the event, and there is no budget for awards, BUT I would be VERY happy if anybody would like to offer some prizes/incentives for those who perform well.

You can register via the Entry Form if you intend to take part and pay the entry fee of £50 (minimum). Here's the current Entry List.

All entry fees will be donated to NHS Charities Together (Registered Charity No 1186569 - the most deserving cause in the current crisis.

Once you have registered read the Rally Procedures page. This is a guided tour of how you would proceed on an event in plotting any navigation and controlling your car. When you are comfortable with what you have to do, Login to try out the Practice Legs. Practice Legs 15, 16 and 17 are the same as the first three legs on La Slog.

Acquaint yourself with the TT General Regulations.

Important updates will be notified in Bulletins. Please check these prior to starting any Leg.

If you have any questions about the event please post them to the appropriate La Slog Forum after logging in.

Your support and generosity is much appreciated.

March 30, 2020