Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2017/8
Round 3 - Schoolfrenz Rally
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The Schoolfrenz Rally results are now final.

The stats at the close were 231 entries, 189 paid to compete and 96 were classified as finishers, with the majority completing the course of 12 route cards.

I predicted there would be a few clean sheets, but not quite right. Every route card was cleaned by someone except for RC3!?.

Just minor niggles this time round. Very few hiccups - the map marking revisions and new format are working well.

Podium winners were:
Overall Winner: Bart den Hartog
1st Master: Bart den Hartog, 2nd Master: Peter Rushforth, 3rd Master: Nigel Parish.
1st Expert: Tim Vassie, 2nd Expert: Nigel Hewett, 3rd Expert: Keith Irvin.
1st Novice: Marcus Duyzend, 2nd Novice: Worth Birkill, 3rd Novice: Kelvin Phipps.

Given no one can be awarded more than one event medal (being "temporarily upgraded a class"), the prizes will be presented to:
1st Master: Richard Baty, 2nd Master: Phil Robbins, 3rd Master: Robert Owen.
1st Expert: Tim Vassie, 2nd Expert: Nigel Hewett, 3rd Expert: Tom Campbell.
1st Novice: Neil Oatley, 2nd Novice: Paul Vaughan, 3rd Novice: Bobby Clinton.

Would the above let me have their postal addresses please.

There are simple medals for the class awards and a copy of Schoolfrenz would have been presented to the overall winner but I know Bart has already bought a copy! Perhaps he can nominate someone to receive it?
Distributing the medals this way if you finish fairly well in your class aand haven't won a medal yet, there's a good chance you will on the Thalamorph Rally.

The Championship Class Positions have been updated.
Masters: 1. Bart den Hartog  2. Nigel Parish  3. Keith Cunningham
Experts 1. Keith Irvin  2. Monica Dowson  3. Tim Vassie
Novices 1. Marcus Duyzend  2. Francis Irvin  3. Kelvin Phipps

The stats say our Masters Champion will be Bart or Nigel. Keith is confirmed as the Experts Champion since he can't be overtaken; Congratulations. Our Novice Champion will be Marcus or Francis.

Your moans, um... err... feedback during the event was invaluable and there will be a few changes on the Thalamorph Rally. The Hint System is being introduced so no excuse for failing to plot a route card. Map marking has a few changes primarily to eliminate the search for "corner cutting", so your reference documents such as Regulations and Marking a Route will be updated before the Thalamorph. You'll be advised via a Bulletin and the Notice Board.

January 25, 2018 @ 00:01