Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2017/8
Round 4 - Thalamorph Rally
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The Thalamorph Rally results are now final. 73 competitors were classified as finishers.

Four "clean" sheets but one CLEAN sheet with a complete line of zeroes from Ewan Leeming. A remarkable end to the season.
And there was a amazing coincidence last night. I was in the pub after competing on a 12-car rally in Suffolk, chatting to one of the navigators who has been a casual competitor on the ITTRC series. She is a great friend of Ewan and showed me the excited exchange of TTR texts she'd had with him.

The event seemed to go smoothly (I actually found time to do other things!) RC4 was the one that caused most headaches for you. The results table shows good use of the hint system, so I think it's here to stay.


Overall Winner: Ewan Leeming
1st Master: Ewan leeming, 2nd Master: Robert Owen, 3rd Master: Jon Lunn.
1st Expert: Keith Irvin, 2nd Expert: Bob Blackstock, 3rd Expert: Monica Dowson.
1st Novice: Marcus Duyzend, 2nd Novice: Worth Birkill, 3rd Novice: Frances Irvin.

Given no one can be awarded more than one event medal (being "temporarily upgraded a class"), the prizes will be presented to the next best in class, namely:
1st Master: Ewan Leeming, 2nd Master: Jon Lunn, 3rd Master: Glynn Hayward.
1st Expert: Bob Blackstock, 2nd Expert: Clive Hodgson, 3rd Expert: Stuart Lawrie.
1st Novice: Sam Hunter, 2nd Novice: Andy Elcomb, 3rd Novice: Neal Allsopp.

Would the above let me have their postal addresses please. There are simple medals for the class awards and a copy of Thalamorph presented to the overall winner.

The Championship Class Positions are now final. CONGRATULATIONS to all.
Podium places are:
Masters: 1.
Bart den Hartog  2. Nigel Parish  3. Peter Rushforth
Experts 1.
Keith Irvin  2. Tim Vassie  3. Monica Dowson
Novices 1.
Marcus Duyzend  2. Francis Irvin  3. Worth Birkill

Championship medals will be awarded to the above. Well done.

The World Rankings have been updated and our top three are now: 1. Keith Irvin  2. Nigel Parish  3. Marcus Duzend - wear your crowns with pride.

The fun doesn't stop here.
In a few weeks all the Championship route cards will be available for you to play with at your leisure.
And in May and August there should be two one-off events where the route cards will be set by Alex Hoult, Bart den Hartog, Bob Blackstock, David Irwin, Ewan Leeming, Geoff Masterman, Ian Canavan, Keith Cunningham, Keith Irvin, Monica Dowson, Peter Rushforth, Phil Robbins and Richard Baty.
Watch the TTR home page for news, but I will email everyone with announcements later.

February 24, 2018 @ 16:00