Internet Table-Top Rally Championship 2018-2019

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Internet Table-Top Rally Championship. A Championship that has grown since its launch in 2003 via increasing popularity in 2004/5, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2017/8 to what we hope will be best ever event series in 2018-2019.

Major changes were made in 2012. Instead of plotting on paper maps and answering route checks you marked your route directly on a map displayed in your web browser, and then your solution was automatically marked by comparing to a master route.

Many refinements were made in 2017: improvements to the interface, the introduction of hints and standardising on a "regularity" format for "timing" and marking.

The evolution continues in 2018. Now you are required to be a true "real-time" navigator and do everything you would normally do on a rally. You'll need to follow the route (pre-plotted or straightforward plot & bash navigation); control your car to maintain average speeds (Regularity Rally), adhere to a time schedule (Road Rally) or beat target times (Stage Rally).

The pressure will be on as soon as you start a rally. You'll need full concentration for around 30 minutes. Plot any route cards; keep an eye on your stopwatches, tripmeters and speedometer; book in and out from controls; observe speed restrictions; be vigilant for unexpected hazards on the way - you may get baulked or have to stop to fix problems.

The Championship starts on December 1, 2018, and there will be Practice Real-Time Rallies available from November 1.

I'd hate to admit to the number of testing hours and automated simulations that have gone into providing this new level of competition; it's occupied most of my "leisure" time over the last six months. But of course there's bouund to be scenarios that I haven't catered for and a month's worth of practising will be a good shakedown.

Registration and practising is free, but if you want to enter the Championship the fee is £25 (minimum). Remember, all the proceeds go to four notable charities, so even if you can't find the time to take part please consider entering anyway knowing you will be contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Read on for more details about the Championship and I look forward to testing your navigation AND "driving" skills during over the next few months.

Best Regards

October 22, 2018

Internet Table-Top Rally Championships 2018-2019

with four qualifying events:

  Rally Provisional Dates
1 The Nearest FarAway Place Rally December 1-21, 2018
2 Panglossian Rally January 1-21, 2018
3 Schoolfrenz Rally February 1-21, 2019
4 Thalamorph Rally March 1-21, 2019

All events start and finish at 22:00 hours.

FORMAT. On each event there will be 12 Real-Time Legs of varying difficulty from pre-plot routes to straightforward navigation (the kind you might expect on a UK road rally) - NO thought-provoking or cryptic instructions.

There will be a mixture of formats covering Regularities, Road Sections and Stages where you will also need to control the speed of your car to either: maintain the correct average speeds, adhere to a time schedule or beat the target times.
Each Leg will run in real-time and last for approximately 30 minutes.

You will not be able to pause and continue each leg, so a dedicated period of time (about 30 minutes) will be required. If you need a real refreshment or pee break, then this will need to be absorbed in your elapsed time.

You will be allowed to attempt each leg as many times as you like but only your first attempt will count towards your Championship score.

Competitors should attempt as many Legs as possible.

PENALTIES. Like a real event you will be penalised for incorrectly visiting Time Controls (TCs) and Passage Controls (PCs), and, where appropriate, being late or early at TCs.

RESULTS. The 11 Legs with the least penalties will count towards your overall score i.e. if you have attempted all 12 Legs your worst score will be dropped.
The Championship positions will be decided on the best three placings from the four events. Ties will be resolved by the ranked best placing from any event e.g. A's finishes of 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th ties with B's 2nd, 4th, 9th and 12th - 15 position points from the best 3 events - but B wins the tie because a 2nd beats a 3rd.

DURATION. You will have 3 weeks to tackle the 12 legs.

NO MAPS TO BUY! The route runs on extracts of 1:50000 scale digital OS maps which are available on-screen.

NO ROUTE CHECKS! You prove where you went by marking or following the route on a map displayed in your web browser.

CLASSES. Since this is a completely new style of table-top rallying, there will be no experience classes.

REGISTRATION is free via the Entry Form and will allow you access to Practice Legs (see below) to try out the map marking and car control procedures.

ENTRY LIST. To see who has already registered here's the current Entry List.

The ENTRY FEE for the full Championship of four events is £25 (minimum).
All entry fees will be donated evenly between the Motor Neurone Disease Association. (Charity #294354), the Multiple Sclerosis Society (Charity #1139257), the Alzheimer's Society (Charity #296645) and Macmillan Cancer Support (Charity #261017)
Note: In 2012 we had 228 entries and donated £3,277 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. In 2017/8 we had 234 entries and donated over £5,000 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

PRACTICE LEGS. Once you have registered read the Rally Procedures page. This is a guided tour of how you would proceed on an event in plotting any navigation and controlling your car. When you are comfortable with what you have to do, Login to try out the Practice Legs.

REGULATIONS. Acquaint yourself with the TT General Regulations for the Championship.

BULLETINS. Important updates to the Championship and events will be notified in Bulletins. Please check these prior to starting any Leg.

AWARDS. You are doing this mostly for fun and helping charities. Subject to sponsorship token awards may be presented.

TTR FORUMS. If you have any questions about the Championship or individual events please post them to the appropriate TTR discussion forums. If you used this in the last season your username and password will be unchanged. If you need to register please enter a username of Firstname.Surname e.g. John.Smith, other variants will be rejected.

Finishers all events will qualify for World Ranking points.

See what happened in the 2017/8 Championship.