Crowless Rallies 2018

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Welcome to the two Crowless TT Rallies.

Following the success of the 2017/2018 Championship, these are mid-term events with the route cards constructed by regular competitors.

I am pleased to enlist the support of: Geoff Masterman, Peter Rushforth, Ian Canavan, Monica Dowson, David Irwin, Keith Cunningham, Phil Robbins, Bart den Hartog, Ewan Leeming, Richard Baty, Keith Irvin, Alex Hoult and Bob Blackstock.
They will be competing too but won't be able to attempt their own route card - obviously.

Major changes were made in 2012. Prior to then you verified your route solution by answering a set of Route Check questions. This was never the most popular method of confirming you had taken the correct route since it was all too easy to miscount, for example, the number of churches you had passed.
That's well in the past; you now mark your route directly on a map displayed in your web browser. Your route will be compared with the master solution which has undisclosed checks at strategic points - miss a check and you'll be penalised, just like a real rally.

Establishing the framework for this innovative marking of your solutions has required many hours of programming, but I hope you will agree that this will make your table-top rallying significantly more enjoyable.

The first event starts on May 1, 2018, but a Practice Route Card will be available earlier. This should give you time to experiment and become comfortable with this style of competition.

Registration and practising is free, but if you want to enter the events the fee is £10 (minimum). Remember, the proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, so even if you can't find the time to take part please consider entering anyway knowing you will be contributing to a worthwhile charity.

Read on for more details about the events.

Best Regards

March 7, 2018

Due to the technical complexities of making the software work on various web browsers you should have no trouble if you use Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome. If you run a different browser and encounter problems please report this in the Comments box when you submit the Practice Route Card for marking.

Crowless Rallies 2018

with two events:

  Rally Dates
1 Crowless 1 Rally May 1-31, 2018
2 Crowless 2 Rally August 1-31, 2018

All events start and finish at 22:00 hours.

ROUTE CARDS. On each event there will be 12 Route Cards of varying difficulty from straightforward navigation (the kind you might expect on a UK road rally) to navigation of a thought-provoking and cryptic nature. All competitors should attempt as many Route Cards as possible. The Route Cards can be attempted in any order.

RESULTS. The 11 Route Card answers with the least penalties will count towards your overall score i.e. if you have attempted all 12 Route Cards your worst score will be dropped.

DURATION. You will have 31 days to submit your solutions.

NO MAPS TO BUY! The route solutions need to be plotted on (usually) extracts of 1:50000 scale Ordnance Survey maps which are available on-screen and for printing.

NO ROUTE CHECKS! You prove where you went by marking your route on a map displayed in your web browser. Unlike older events you will not have to answer route checks. Your route will be compared with the master route, and you will incur penalties for not correctly visiting undisclosed time controls and passage controls.

CLASSES. This is an Open event, there are no experience classes.

REGISTRATION is free via the Entry Form and will allow you access to a Practice Route Card (see below) to try out the map marking procedures for proving you have followed the correct route.

ENTRY LIST. To see who has already registered here's the current Entry List.

The ENTRY FEE for the two events is £10 (minimum).
All entry fees will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. (Charity #1139257)
Note: In 2012 we had 228 entries and donated £3277.00 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

PRACTICE ROUTE CARD. Once you have registered read the Rally Procedures page. This is a guided tour of how you would proceed on an event in answering the Route Cards. When you are comfortable with what you have to do LOGIN.

REGULATIONS. Acquaint yourself with the Regulations for the events.

BULLETINS. Important updates to the events will be notified in Bulletins. Please check these prior to starting any Route Card.

AWARDS. You are doing this for fun and helping a charity. No awards will be presented.

TTR FORUMS. If you have any questions about the events please post them to the appropriate TTR discussion forums. If you used this before your username and password will be unchanged. If you need to register please enter a username of Firstname.Surname e.g. John.Smith, other variants will be rejected.

Finishers will qualify for World Ranking points.